Thursday, August 18, 2016

Barkin' Dogs, AGAIN!

Damn.  Just Damn. 

After years of battle I finally convinced one jackassed neighbor that they should shut up their effin' dog an' I had Peach and Quiet in the woods for awhile, but no now.

Now, I got a yippy creature on the other side wakin' me up way before dawn and makin' me very CRANKY.

You'd think on near 35 acres you'da bought yerself Peace and Quiet, but NO.  Not a chance with every freakin' Dawg Lovin' moron lovin' their dogs by dumpin' them outside all night long and ignorin' them when they raise a racket.  Damned thing coulda been eaten alive by a mountain lion and it's lazy assed owner wouldn't known.  Idiots.

Rather wish it HAD been eaten alive, however, as this looks to be the latest neighborhood nuisance.

I exercised my lungs for awhile back at the stupid mongrel, but that had no effect.  I'll have to get closer, and meaner, and earlier in the morning for the pinhead owners to notice.

In the mean time, I wrote a nastygram to their HOA, cuz they're stick-up-their-asses gated community folks, don't ya know. 

And I'm thinkin' about the next escalation.  Could log off the 20 acres next door to 'em and put in a Industrial Chicken farm.  They'd love the smell, but it won't be fair to the chickens.

Oh, oh..   free range hogs.  Much smellier, and meaner too.  Poochie wanders onto the place and poochie becomes part of the next pack-o-bacon!