Monday, July 15, 2013

YOU - the one with the ROBOBARKER

YOU, the Jerk who lets their dog bark NONSTOP

I hate you AND your dog and I've met you WAAAAY too many times.

First time I discovered I could hate a dog was because of you and the robobarker that you chained out in front of your yard, every day, for hours at a time, while it barked, barked, barked at nothing. 

Your stupid little dump of a house was low class in a working class neighborhood, two bedrooms, one bath, but you had a big yard.  Did you bother to fence that yard so your dog didn't have to be tied on a 5' chain right across from my Mom's bedroom window?  That damned dog was closer to my Mom's bed than I am to my current garage right now, the lots were so tiny and the street so small.  

Nope.  You chained your doberman out there every day, while my newly divorced Mom, who worked nights trying to support us kids, TRIED to sleep, so she wouldn't drive off the road on her 70 mile one way commute to work.

My Mom, who couldn't afford to move because in those days nurses didn't get paid squat, and the price of gas had just tripled, but the mortgage was low and there was nothing, nothing she could buy with no credit near her work.

And bark, bark, bark, bark went your dog, and you just ignored it.

Your neighbor two doors down, the crazy one who used to make money off of the military blackmarket while he was a supply clerk, used his connections to get supped up firecrackers to throw out into his yard, just to try to get your dog to shut up.  That worked for about ten minutes, then that stupid animal would bark, bark, bark again.

Nothing like a barking dog AND explosives to help an overworked divorced mother sleep so she could head out for the night shift.

and bark, bark, bark, bark went your dog, day after day, after day.  And you didn't give a flying fuck about your neighbors, or the fact that my Mom used to get severe headaches due to a previous car accident and your damned dog wasn't helping those any, let me tell you.  

No, you just stuck that damned dog out in front of your house and all your neighbors had to suffer.

Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark...

I can't tell you how many hours I spent in headphones trying to drown out your stupid dog while I was trying to do my homework.  

Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark...

Least I did, and graduated from school, with honors, got a good job, moved out of that dump, bought a farm, where I SOMETIMES can get some piece and quiet.

Now, everytime I hear a dog bark, bark,barking endlessly, stupidly, robotically, I think of you creeps and your totally lack of consideration of anyone around you.  

If you're dead, my darling former neighbors, I can only hope your hell is filled with stupid, bored dogs, chained by your bedside bark, bark, barking, so you get an eternity of hell after death, like the hell you made my Mom live in while you were alive.

I so hate you and your dog.

Let me introduce myself...

I hate your dog.

Oh, not EVERYONE's DOG, but YOUR dog, and I'm pretty sure you don't know who YOU are because you're too stupid and selfish to know that there are people out there who hate YOU and YOUR DOG for being stupid and selfish.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of YOU out there and I don't know all of you by name, so I can't tell all of you off face to face, so I'm going to describe you and your dogs one painful post at a time.