Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hey YOU! Ya moved out into the country to GIVE YOUR DOG ROOM TO RUN

I hate YOU and YOUR DOG.


Well, for one, I don't like playing dodge-em-doggie at 60 MPH, especially in the DARK and the RAIN.  Frankly, if I weren't worried about body damage, I run it right over.  And ya know what?  If' I'm hauling horses, I'm not going to hurt them to try avoid your mutt.

But that's not the main reason.  The main reason why I HATE YOUR DOG, and every livestock owner I know HATES YOUR DOG is that your dog is a THREAT to my animals.

Oh, but your doggie wouldn't hurt a fly.  Well, I'm not going to give it a chance.  Any dog near my stock is vermin as far as I'm concerned, and I'll take it out if I can get a shot at it.

No, I'm not going to call Animal Control, they've got their head stuck too far up in the dark to actually CONTROL animals.  In fact, I've been TOLD by AC that the best thing to do is to shoot first and forget about the questions.

Shoot, Shovel and Shut up is what most farmers do. However, because the law in this state is that any dog caught, chasing, harassing or killing livestock can be shot on sight, the best advice I've heard was from one old farmer who said, shoot them and if you know the owner, contact them and have them call the Sheriff, and let the Sheriff read them the law.

Knowing the law keeps SOME of you idiot owners from doing the same thing with your next dog.

Seriously, you don't have a clue how bad it gets.  People who let your dogs run, blow off any request for compensation or assistance with boundary fencing.  Ha, Ha! Your chickens got killed!  Oopsie, you lost another lamb to my poochie.  We'll try to keep him in. 

Sure you will.

Yep, I hate your dog.

Hate it so much, I'll shoot it on sight.

And I'm an animal lover.  Ninty percent of the dogs I've had, have been pound pups.  But my sympathy for random dog X ends right at my property line. 

Hey, HEY!  I got an idea!  You keep your DAMNED MUTT on your property and I won't run it over or shoot it, OKAY?