Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Holiday Gift from Pregger Pit Nutter

This one deserves a HEADLINE:

Pregnant Pit Nutter tries to Pawn Dog Aggro Pittie off  to give it Room to Roam!

Just look at this fine Craigslist Ad I ran across this morning, doesn't it warm the cockles of  your hearts?
We have a 3 year old white pit mix named Chance that we adopted from the pound a year ago this November. We thought that our brindle pit needed a buddy so we welcomed a 2nd addition into our home. Needless to say two big rowdy boys is to much for my pregnant self to handle, and we have realized that Chance needs to be in a one dog only home. Apart they are great dogs but together they are trouble makers who constantly doesn't want to listen so I have decided to give it up before my pregnancy hormones get the best of me. Chance is house trained and knows how to sit shake and lay down. He will also cry at the door when he needs to go outside. Although he is very hard headed he is a sweet puppy that wants nothing more than your attention. But you have to watch him around other dogs. If you take him out for a walk get a muzzle because he is not the sweetest dog when it comes to other unfamiliar pups. He loves his tennis balls and will follow you around where ever you may go. We love our Chancy but I can't have two obnoxious rowdy boys and a baby in my household. Our neighbor kept Chance for a month to see if his attitude would change and it did dramatically. He was very chilled out and much more acceptable to listening. I strongly advise that you do not have another dog or bring another dog into your house or you are going to be in for a treat. I would like him to go to a home where he has room to run and roam. We live in the city which is another downfall to poor Chance being cooped up in the house all the time. We take him on walks but we only have so much time in our lives to give him all the attention he needs. If we lived out from the city with more land for him to run free we wouldn't be asking to rehome him but that isn't the case and he deserves more of a life than we can give him! If you want more information on Chance call or text Kelsie at
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or Michael at
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We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Lovely, aitn't it?  Let's send dog aggressive, admittedly command resistive, should-be-muzzed in public moron of a killing machine out to the country where it will have 'Room to Roam'.

Right.  So it can roam right into my farm or my neighbor's farm and kill the dogs, or cats, or chickens, or sheep or alpacas or just about anything else that suits its bloodlust fancy when the freaking animal gets bored.

Thanks for the Holiday Gift, Kelsie and Michael.  We rural folk very much appreciate it.

One good thing, though.  Pittie is white, which makes him a fine target even at this time of year, when it's more dark than light.

Okay, farmers of Western Washington, you know what you have to do.

Just don't shoot your neighbors while you're at it.

Happy Holidays!